Welcome to our Huntersville Creative Rental Studio, where your vision comes to life with endless possibilities. Our studio is meticulously designed for photographers, videographers, and podcast creators who demand an inspiring space that fuels creativity and delivers exceptional results.


Because you need a CREATIVE space where you can PROUDLY meet clients 


Studio Features

Spacious, Modern Facility: A large, adaptable area tailored to meet the needs of today’s creatives.

Customizable Sets: Choose from various unique sets, including an office, cigar lounge, and living room.

Boudoir Space: A private and tastefully appointed area designed for intimate photo sessions.

Seasonal Themes: Dynamic space that changes with the seasons, perfect for timely and festive projects.

Equipment-Friendly: Accommodating a range of equipment setups with designated areas for both preparation and production.

Client Room: Wrap your clients in luxury! Designed to facilitate in-person sales, making it easier for you to discuss options, packages, and customizations in a setting that enhances the perceived value of your work. This refined environment not only showcases your professionalism but also elevates the entire client experience, setting the stage for future referrals and repeat business.

Ideal Location: Situated in the heart of Huntersville, easily accessible for local and visiting creators.

Office Set: Designed to emulate a modern corporate environment, this set is ideal for professional headshots, corporate videos, or any project requiring a sleek, business-like setting.

Cigar Lounge: Exuding class and sophistication, the cigar lounge set is perfect for creating an ambiance of luxury and exclusivity in your shoots.

Living Room: Styled to feel cozy yet chic, our living room set can serve as the backdrop for family portraits, lifestyle shoots, or casual interviews.

Boudoir: Our elegantly decorated boudoir provides a safe, beautiful space for empowerment and glamour photography.

Seasonal Sets: From blossoming spring themes to wintry wonderland, our seasonal set helps capture the essence of the moment, whatever the time of year. This set incudes a working electric fireplace to help set the scene.

studio sets

To fully support you as you choose the freedom to create without constraints, book your studio experience with us today.

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